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At twentyZEN, the future is not just about digitalization, but also about your individual needs. We combine processes, technology and marketing to create customized solutionsthat not only satisfy you, but also move you forward. Our secret? A broad spectrum of expertise, provided from a single source. With twentyZEN you will experience results that not only impress, but also inspire in the long term.

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Our team of consultants, marketing experts and software developers work seamlessly together to provide your company with solutions and a decisive competitive advantage. We are not only committed to innovation, but also to a partnership that focuses on your business goals and is based on the motto ‘think ahead’. We use our extensive know-how to develop strategies that strengthen your position in the digital world and inspire your company in the long term.

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Together, we optimize your business processes with tailor-made solutions, from low-code tests to the automation of sales and marketing processes. This allows you to improve efficiency and increase your company’s performance in the long term by turning challenges into future opportunities.

At twentyZEN, we see digitalization as an opportunity to redesign business processes and develop innovative models that can shape your industry. Our mission: to question established processes and exploit digital growth opportunities in order to differentiate your company with customized solutions and make it fit for the future.

Rethinking processes

Sustained visibility

Your success is based on the precise achievement of your goals through strategically selected online marketing disciplines that not only generate immediate attention, but also ensure your long-term visibility. We focus on addressing your target group, consolidating your brand digitally and supporting continuous growth.

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Benefit directly from our experience and expertise

Benefit directly from our experience and expertise With our origins as a cloud start-up and decades of experience in implementing large-scale projects in the SME sector, we offer a unique combination of innovative ideas, passion and expertise. Our goal is to successfully navigate your company through digitalization. Whether through targeted workshops, software projects or customized consulting – we are your partner on the path to digital strength. Are you ready to take your company forward with our expertise?

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