It all starts with your idea

For this to be implemented successfully and cost-effectively, it requires a well thought-out concept. This includes both the economic frameworks and technological aspects. Both influence each other to a high degree.

Therefore it is important to choose a partner who masters both topics.

Welcome to team twentyZEN!

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The perfect team

Our team consists of

  • Business economists with IT know-how,
  • Computer scientists with economic thinking      and   
  • Engineers with both.

In this way, we ensure that business frameworks and technical implementation are in harmony.

Our topics

  • Interactive Web Applications
  • Social Media Solutions
  • Internet of Things – Industry 4.0
  • Home Automation

 Development of a sustainable business model

From our own experience

As founders of our startup we have learned a lot about the development of business models. We are also active in the “startup scene” in Munich and Dresden. In this way, we also regularly get to know new business models. We are happy to use this know-how in joint projects with you.

When will your idea see the light of day?

You certainly have an idea that deserves to be put into practice. Don’t wait any longer and let us get started. We would be pleased to support you in developing the corresponding business model. Joint interactive workshops are ideal for this purpose.

When designing our workshops, we are inspired by the following concepts, among others.

The Digital Innovation Model

“The “Digital Innovation Model” not only helps existing business processes to be digitized, but also completely re-thought under the new circumstances.

Business Model Generation

By working together on the “Business Model Canvas”, we can better understand and further optimize your business model or, if necessary, develop it from scratch. A look at the complete scenario is an important step in developing an optimal solution for you.

Value Proposition Design

“Value Proposition Design” helps to develop products and services that customers not only need – rather love! With this method we identify additional potential with which we can further expand the value proposition for your customers.

requirements analysis

IT projects should solve problems and optimize processes. In order to develop a concept for you, we need to understand the requirements of all parties involved and get to know their current system environment.

Depending on the situation, we use different methods. Typical for this phase are interviews and workshops with you as the client and the future users.

As a result, you receive as complete a list as possible of all weighted requirements and general conditions. Based on this, concepts can be developed faster and in a much better quality.

Digitisation of business models - cubes with 1s and 0s

concept development

If you have already completely documented the requirements and general conditions for your new solution, we can start with the concept development.

We love IT, the Internet and technology!

This gives us a pretty good overview of the different approaches and alternatives that are suitable for you. This enables us to develop a tailor-made concept and to evaluate and propose possible options.

As a result, you receive a fully documented concept, which provides a good basis for a concrete offer for implementation.

Concept development on a clipboard

Management Ihrer Ausschreibung

In many cases it is advisable to put your concept out to tender for implementation. You will receive several competitive offers in which your concept will be verified again by additional experts as part of the offer process. That’s good for you.

However, tendering is also a complex and time-consuming process.

We would be happy to discuss with you whether an invitation to tender makes sense for your project. You are welcome to hire us to accompany your tendering process professionally or even to manage it completely on your behalf.

Our activities

  • Search for qualified providers
  • Preparation of tender documents
  • Project management & communication with providers
  • Examination and evaluation of incoming offers
  • Preparation of a selection recommendation