This overview shows possible Mautic console commands. The three commented ones are the absolute minimum and should be started in the given order via cronjob. Further cronjobs may be necessary, depending on which features are to be used and which systems are connected.

Console commandHistoric versionExplanation
mautic:assets:generateCombines and minifies asset files from each bundle into single production files
mautic:broadcasts:sendProcess contacts pending to receive a channel broadcast.
mautic:cache:clearClears Mautic's cache
mautic:campaigns:executeExecute specific scheduled events.
mautic:campaigns:rebuild[mautic:campaigns:update]Rebuild campaigns based on contact segments.
mautic:campaigns:summarizeBuilds historical campaign summary statistics if they do not already exist.
mautic:campaigns:triggerTrigger timed events for published campaigns.
mautic:campaigns:validateValidate if a contact has been inactive for a decision and execute events if so.
mautic:citrix:syncSynchronizes registrant information from Citrix products
mautic:contacts:deduplicateMerge contacts based on same unique identifiers
mautic:custom-field:create-columnCreate custom field column in the background
mautic:donotsell:downloadFetch remote do not sell list from MaxMind
mautic:email:fetch[mautic:emails:fetch]Fetch and process monitored email.
mautic:emails:sendProcesses SwiftMail's mail queue
mautic:importImports data to Mautic
mautic:installInstalls Mautic
mautic:install:dataInstalls Mautic with sample data
mautic:integration:fetchleads[mautic:integration:synccontacts]Fetch leads from integration.
mautic:integration:pipedrive:fetchPulls the data from Pipedrive and sends it to Mautic
mautic:integration:pipedrive:pushPushes the data from Mautic to Pipedrive
mautic:integration:pushleadactivity[mautic:integration:pushactivity]Push lead activity to integration.
mautic:integrations:syncFetch objects from integration.
mautic:iplookup:downloadFetch remote datastores for IP lookup services that leverage local lookups
mautic:maintenance:cleanupCleanup operation of unused / old data
mautic:marketplace:installInstalls a plugin that is available at
mautic:marketplace:listLists plugins that are available at
mautic:marketplace:removeRemoves a plugin that is currently installed
mautic:max-mind:purgePurge data connected to MaxMind Do Not Sell list.
mautic:messages:send[mautic:campaigns:messagequeue|mautic:campaigns:messages]Process sending of messages queue.
mautic:plugins:reload[mautic:plugins:install|mautic:plugins:update]Installs, updates, enable and/or disable plugins.
mautic:queue:processProcess queues
mautic:reports:schedulerProcesses scheduler for report's export
mautic:segments:check-buildersCompare output of query builders for given segments
mautic:segments:update[mautic:segments:rebuild]Update contacts in smart segments based on new contact data.
mautic:social:monitoringLooks at the records of monitors and iterates through them.
mautic:theme:json-configConverts theme config to JSON from PHP
mautic:transifex:pullFetches translations for Mautic from Transifex
mautic:transifex:pushPushes Mautic translation resources to Transifex
mautic:unusedip:deleteDeletes IP addresses that are not used in any other database table
mautic:update:applyUpdates the Mautic application
mautic:update:findFetches updates for Mautic
mautic:webhooks:delete_logsretains a rolling number of log records.
mautic:webhooks:processProcess queued webhook payloads