Yippie, the long awaited Mautic Update 2.15.1 was released last week. We have worked our way through the innovations and bugfixes for you. The result is the following list of what we consider to be the most remarkable improvements:

  1. Introduction of relative data for birthdays and anniversary promotions – this means there are now fewer limits to the creativity of the marketing departments. We will try it out for ourselves and share our insights with you in our Mautic Facebook Group, among other places (Link to Github).
  2. “Last active” as a new contact field – it is also possible to build smart campaigns with which you can warm up “old” contacts again (Link to Github).
  3. Listing of devices used by a user – nice gimmick. A well automated system should require as little manual contact level analysis as possible anyway. (Link to Github).

A total of 23 improvements were recorded – especially under the hood. This includes improvements in caching and page loading, as well as IP analysis with optional external services – if you don’t anonymize IP addresses anyway.

In addition to the long-awaited bugfixes – some of which we are already using in our customer projects – the current release also includes an impressive list of 64 bugfixes. The most important from our point of view, which we have also experienced in our and your projects:

  1. The Save button in the Preference Center keeps its styling from now on (Link to Github) and also in general several errors in the Preference Center were fixed (Link to Github).
  2. The reasons for a “Do not contact” are displayed correctly again (Link to Github).
  3. The validation of entered international telephone numbers has been corrected (Link to Github).
  4. The upgrade script now also works with version PHP 7.2 (Link to Github).
  5. The “Emails in Time Widget” works after saving again (Link to Github).
  6. Webhook call back handling – required e.g. in connection with Amazon SES/SNS – has been fixed (Link to Github).
  7. Campaign statistics have been revised (Link to Github).
  8. Sometimes the frontent – e.g. when editing segment filters – behaved strangely. This has been corrected (Link to Github).

We contact our customers regarding a planned upgrade as part of regular maintenance. But we still observe new error messages with reference to the new version 2.15.1.